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It is widely acknowledged that the main problem faced by entrepreneurs and SMEs is that of managing cash flow.

“Cash flow problems” those dreaded words are the most cited cause of business failure but the real causes may be varied and unrelated to finance but in most cases, it is simply the lack of appropriate and adequate working capital funding.

If you are you a growing business involved in Import / Export, Wholesale Distribution or Manufacturing and find your growth potential is being hampered by funding then you need to talk to us and together we will find a solution to your funding problems.

About Us

Working with and for growing businesses

At Stratagem Finance Consulting, we are passionate and dedicated to providing SME owners with professional, practical advice and assistance in finding optimum working capital finance solutions to meet the demands of a successful and growing business.

Our expertise, experience and specialist know-how is focused on achieving this objective. 

We will assist you in adopting a pragmatic but flexible approach to finance to ensure that your business has the correct funding to meet the growth and sustainability goals of your business.

Our aim is to build enduring business relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect and enjoy playing a continuing part in our clients’ success.

What makes us Stratagem Finance Consulting

We truly believe that Working Capital Finance funds growth and our expertise and experience is focused on delivering the best possible financing solution for our clients.

We make it our business to fully understand your business by means of a comprehensive assessment of your business model and existing financing structures and future needs based on your goals and objectives.

We act in your interests and offer independent and unbiased advice.

We are not aligned to any specific funders and help you negotiate the finance package that best suits the needs of your business, now and in the future and will assist and guide you through the entire credit review process.

What Stratagem Finance Consulting brings to the relationship

We have credibility and a proven track record gained from over 30 years of experience and expertise in providing Working Capital Finance to SMEs involved in wholesale distribution and manufacturing activities over a wide spectrum of industry sectors.

Much of our experience has been gained in challenging environments and dealing with many different countries and trading markets.

Specialist knowledge and expertise in Trade Finance facilities.

Excellent understanding of finance and credit in a bank lending environment.

Focused, business-minded approach with the ability to identify, understand and manage business and financial risk.

Sound understanding of Foreign Trade Instruments and foreign currency dynamics.

We fully understand and relate to the challenges facing entrepreneurs and appreciate what it takes to work in a small team and the need for collaboration at all levels.

Services Provided

Specialist Trade and Working Capital Finance advice
Foreign Exchange risk management
Comprehensive and detailed business analysis
Strategic management consulting
Finance brokering
Business valuations
Accounting services including bookkeeping services


  • Initial Consultation
  • £40.00 hr
  • per hour plus travelling costs depending on location
  • Contract Consultations
  • £30.00 hr
  • per hour plus travelling costs depending on location
  • Finance Brokering
  • £ Negotiable
  • per hour plus travelling costs depending on location

Contact Us

If you are a growing business involved in Import/Export Wholesale Distribution or Manufacturing and your growth potential is being hampered by an inadequate WORKING CAPITAL due to financial constraints then you need to talk us.

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